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I work on questions spanning intersections of behavioural, evolutionary, community and applied ecology. Have a look at the Research and Publications tabs to get a flavour of my work. For more details see my CV.

Recent Postgraduate Students

Luke Cameron (PhD, Bournemouth University) co-supervised with Robert Britton: Wild fry translocations for salmon conservation

Lewis Naisbett-Jones (MPhil, Aberystwyth University): Colonisation ecology of European eel

John Heart (MPhil, Aberystwyth University) co-supervised with Richard Williams: Monitoring fluvial consequences river restoration schemes

Joanna James (PhD, Cardiff University), co-supervised with Jo Cable: The ecology of invasive signal crayfish

A few friends and collaborators and what we work on together

Alejando Buschmann (Universidad de Los Lagos) aquaculture
Jason Dunham (US Geological Survey) invasion ecology of salmonids
Martin Genner
 (University of Bristol) lek formation and sexual selection in cichlids
Alan Hudson (University of Bristol) adaptive radiation and speciation in postglacial fishes
Domino Joyce (University of Hull) lek formation and sexual selection in cichlids
Nathan Putman (University of Miami & NOAA) European eel migration ecology
Ole Seehausen (Bern University) adaptive radiation and speciation in postglacial and cichlid fishes