You will have noticed from browsing the other tabs that some of my research aims to inform and improve natural resource management policy and practice. In addition to this research, I regularly support angling organisations, government agencies and NGOs through seminars and consulting.

In British Columbia, I advised the Forest Stewardship Council during the drafting of their certification guidelines. I also worked with government, industry, eNGOs and First Nations to develop an ecosystem based riparian zone management plan for the BC central coast wilderness. In Chile, I worked with the World Wildlife Fund and industry to improve aquaculture practices, and with International Rivers to lobby against hydropower development in Patagonia (and surprisingly won!). My research on salmon stocking and angler catches in the UK informed Natural Resources Wales’ decision to end their salmon and sea trout stocking programmes (see story here). This research and my presentations at conferences, workshops and AGMs have helped stakeholders in Europe and North America understand the science of stocking. I recently worked with Scottish Government, industry and angling organisations to address ecological interactions between salmon aquaculture and wild salmonids. I am currently working with Inland Fisheries Ireland to explore alternatives to stocking hatchery salmon.